Julia S. | Ankle/ Subtalor Dislocation and RSD

June 2013

Dr. Amis, myself and Anklus Deadfoot (my ankle) have had a 21 year experience. I came to him in January 1992 with an ankle and foot that were so painful that I had great difficulty placing any weight on them. Through a few surgeries, it was found that the ankle and joints just below the ankle had bone death and needed to be fused. His expertise and great ability to listen to me resulted in other surgeries, but when these didn't result in a "cure", he found I was afflicted with a nerve disorder known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and helped me find the doctor that was able to help with the constant pain and muscle spasms. He is truly the greatest Doctor earth, and I will shout that from the roof tops. Thank you, my friend, for continuing to help me with braces and a caring heart.

John L. | Torn Ligaments

June 2013

I was having terrible pain in my ankle. First Doctor I went to said I had a bone cyst and would require surgery and extensive therapy. I went to Dr. Raines for a second opinion. After reviewing the same X-rays and MRI and conducting a thorough exam, he determined it was a torn ligament. Surgery was quick and I was back on my feet in no time. Dr. Raines knowledge and experience makes him one of the best. In fact, one of my friends, who was having foot problems was referred to Dr. Raines by a another doctor in a different ortho group! That is a recommendation!

Pat K. | Haglund's deformity, bone spurs

May 2013

I read about how painful this surgery usually is. Dr Raines did such a wonderful job I never needed pain meds and now three months out I feel totally recovered. I would recommend him to anyone. I know I will never see anyone else.

Shelby L. | Love the Staff

April 2013

Dr. Raines has done all three of my surgeries, and I will never go to anyone but him. He's very approachable and understanding and he doesn't poke at you! Love the front ladies as well!!

Marlene S. | damaged foot in fall downstairs

September 2012

Dr. Raines listens, explains, and knows his stuff. I'm so glad he was the docter I was referred to.

Mary C.

April 2012

Dear Dr. Raines,

Just a little note to thank you for my successful foot surgery. My foot is perfect now and I can walk without pain. I am so thankful to you and your staff for helping me get through this.

Thank you so much.

Hannah K.

February 2012

Dr. Amis,

Not knowing where to start, here it goes…can’t thank you enough for all you have done for Hannah. She has never been “textbook” for anything and I always promised her, if she would stick with me, I wouldn’t give up until we at least got her walking pain-free. I truly believe everything happens for a reason...You were the “miracle” we were looking for, even if that means asking for help. No one knows everything in life, it’s always about where to go for the answer…

Thanks, thanks, and thanks again, along with prayers!

Melissa F.

January 2012

Dear Dr. Amis,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you. I really appreciate the time you took with me yesterday to explain your thoughts on my ever healing foot. These days it seems more and more difficult to find a doctor willing to sit and talk.

Danielle D.

May 2011

I sustained my injury three years ago and have seen numerous doctors and done extensive physical therapy all to no avail. Upon seeing Dr. Amis, he was able to diagnose my injury within ten minutes. His explanation and demeanor were terrific. If you have any doubts about visiting with Dr. Amis, you can rest assured, you are in good hands. I highly recommend him and his staff.

Fabienne C. | Midfoot Arthritis

August 2011

Dear Dr. Amis,

I had a terrible pain which had developed on the top of my foot. Nothing I took seemed to have any effect on it…

You told me that I had a metatarsal embossment and suggested that I do some exercises where I “hung” off a step for increasing periods of time in order to stretch out my Achilles tendon and calf muscle.

You were so right. I have been doing those exercises faithfully since I saw you and the pain is gone. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you for encouraging me to do the exercises and showing me how.

Di M. | 5th Metatarsal Fracture

December 2011

Dr. Amis, You may not remember operating on Leah's fifth metatarsal on her 13th birthday, but we do! Thanks to you, she has continued to Irish dance successfully and will actually compete in Ireland this February. She has also been able to choreograph all her high school plays and musicals…We are so very grateful for your handiwork, and as this is her senior year, I've been thinking about everyone who has helped her along the way.

Tracey E. | Charcot's Arthropathy

May 2011

I became a patient of Dr. Raines based off a referral from another Doctor in 2008. I had developed Charcot's in my right foot requiring special attention to my foot. I felt very comfortable at every visit I had. Dr. Raines did perform surgery on my foot in 2009. Throughout all of my follow up visits I have continued to be pleased with Dr. Raines, his office, and his staff. As a person who has been a patient of many doctors, I can say that Dr. Raines is one of my favorites, his knowledge, and his expertise make him invaluable to anyone requiring foot or ankle care!

Lynn and Amanda R.


April 2011

Amanda and I are very appreciative for your care (and awesome skill!) through these last two foot surgeries! Amanda keeps saying you're just awesome and she was so excited to make this cake for you! Thanks again!

Leonard M.

April 2011

Dr. Robert A. Raines has always attended to me intelligently and skillfully, and with prompt, friendly and comforting attention. He explains his diagnoses and recommendations clearly [and] always treats me as though I am his only patient.

Karen B. | Charcot Marie Tooth Disease

March 2011

...Dr. Raines looks you straight in the eyes and tells you what’s going on and what needs to be done. I have Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, which I call “bone-nerve disease”…One hospital told me I didn’t break it, and then I was told it was serious and needed to see a specialist. That’s when I met Dr. Raines and his staff. He has done many surgeries on me and every one of them turned out great...If anyone ever needed to see an orthopaedic specialist, I would not hesitate to recommend Lone Star Orthopaedics and Dr. Raines…

Lynda T. | Bone Infection, MRSA, Osteoarthritis

March 2011

Dr. Robert Raines has treated my foot problems that included MRSA and a bone infection in my toe over the past three years. He is presently helping me deal with osteoarthritis in both feet. I am walking around and doing my acting as if no problems had occurred. I am grateful to him and his staff, Stephanie and Danielle, for their excellent care and compassion. I highly recommend this office for anyone needing foot or ankle care.

Denise F.

June 2010

Dear Dr. Amis,

I have never written to one of my doctors before but you have improved my quality of life three times now. This last one, the tendon transfer, was the icing on the cake. You have my respect, admiration and love. I can’t thank you enough. We need to get you a cape because you’re a SUPER DOCTOR!!

Barbara R.

October 2010

Hi Staff at Lone Star,

Just want to report that I had to visit an orthopaedic surgeon here in David at Chiriqui Hospital. The doctor viewed the x-rays of my toe, and was completely blown away by Dr. Amis’s “very elegant” work. Thank you!!

Daniel B.

March 2011

Dr. James Amis is both a brilliant diagnostician and an excellent listener, making him very unique in a contemporary medical practice. His knowledge of foot and ankle is so outstanding that patients can avoid a myriad of unnecessary tests. The staff at Lone Star Orthopaedics is warm, friendly, courteous and is excellent on follow up and follows through. I’ve received the best of modern and the best of old fashion (personal) care from Dr. Amis and his staff. A small office, Lone [Star] is the opposite of the corporate, impersonal huge offices which have come to dominate medicine. The emphasis is on people and real care!

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